"A mage is but the larval form of something greater! Your Chantry vilifies us, calls us abominations when we have truly reached our full potential!"
Status Abominified
Race Human, Pride Abomination
Age 58
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual, but finds the idea of a relationship to be pointless.
Hometown Lothering, Ferelden
Residence Kinloch Hold (Ferelden Circle Tower)
Affiliation Circle Mage, but he is loyal to only one person and that is Uldred. He is a Libertarian in the Fraternities of Enchanters.
Occupation Senior Enchanter
Class Mage
Specialization Blood Mage / Greater Pride Abomination
Gear Senior Enchanter's garb, Senior Enchanter's staff, the awesome powers of a Pride Demon
Behind the Mask
Player User:CrimeaRiver
Face Claim
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The Fade was a weaving of thoughts, concepts, and incomplete images. Ardor liked to think that his domain was muchly accurate, as he had fed off the thoughts of many a dreamer to fuel his dreamworld.

One mortal in particular fascinated him. He was a perfect bridge for the demon to cross into the mortal realm and see it for himself. He could read into his thoughts and see the hatred, the disgust at the Chantry and the templars for how they kept mages coddled up in the tower, not allowing them to reach their full use and potential. He could see how the mage loathed the First Enchanter, Irving, pawns of the templars as he viewed them. And the disgust he felt towards Greagoir, towards all of the templars. And buried deep within that veneer was what the demon sensed strongest.

Power. The mage wanted power, more than anything.

But Ardor would not offer just any mage the secrets of the flesh that he knew. The mage needed potential, or he was worth nothing to the demon as a vessel. But he had that; the demon could sense the power flowing through his body, the result of a natural affinity for the Fade, and years of study -- with the inner intent of gaining power, and lording over his peers, the demon observed, pleased. The mage also needed to be willing, but the spirit was cunning enough, he knew, to convince this man. And so in his dreams, he came to Uldred with an offer he couldn't resist.

Power in the form of blood magic -- powerful blood magic -- and in return, Uldred would help him gain a foothold in the mortal realm. The demon could see the thoughts, the plans of the mortal at this suggestion, but Ardor knew they were for naught. He would have this mage, and through him, he would enter the mortal realm. With his power and Uldred's skill, he could lord over all that he wanted in the mortal realm.

One mage's pride, one demon's power.



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