Templar, anyone?
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 23
Birth Date 4 Firstfall
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Hometown Gwaren
Residence Kinloch Hold
Affiliation Templar Order
Occupation Templar
Class Warrior
Specialization Templar
Gear Heavy Templar Plate, Templar Greatsword
Behind the Mask
Player Taylor
Face Claim
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Maximillian has curly, dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He stands tall at all times and is quite muscular and handsome. His sword is slung onto his back to his left side as he is left handed. He has pouches on his belt for carrying coin and other useful items.


Maximillian is kind of a slut. He's slept with many people at Kinloch Hold and visitors at the Spoiled Princess because he refused to take vows. He doesn't hate mages but that will depend on his interactions with the other characters. He isn't lyrium addled as he only takes half of the recommended dosage. He's focused on the problem at hand and won't give up on anything; however, he's known to let loose and have fun every once and awhile (explains the slutiness).


Maximillian was born in Gwaren to a poor family. The family realized they couldn't raise the child on their own and decided to give him up to the Chantry, and he is glad they did it. It made him the man he is today. He loved the training as it brought a purpose to his life. He likes being a templar, but he's never left the tower other than to go to the docks and drink, and his views about the outside world haven't formulated.

Max has been known as the "friendly" templar to most of the mages in the Circle. He's been kind to the children and read to them and other activities like that. He's had lovers in the Templar Order and in the Spoiled Princess, however he's he's never gotten attached to anyone before. This is why he's never left the Circle for greener pastures. He feels the Order needs more people like him in the Circles around Thedas.

He hasn't had any tragedy in his life and lives relatively happy. Little does he know, that his world will be turned upside down....



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