This is a list of canon characters, showing what has been taken and what has not, and links to the profiles of those who have been taken.

To reserve a canon, please post in this topic. Reservations are first-come, first-serve; however, if a person hasn't put up their application after a week, we will reopen the canon for application. For rules on canon characters, check the Rules.

Warden and Companions

Hawke and Companions

Hawke Family

Awakening Characters

Origin Characters

Aside from Cousland, these are not Wardens, but instead they survived their origin story and join the Warden, Hawke, and companions at some point in the game.


DLC Characters

  • Witch Hunt: Ariane
  • Amgarrak: Brogan Dace
  • Witch Hunt: Finn (Taken)
  • Amgarrak: Jerrik Dace and his Bronto, Snug


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