Camilla Leavitt
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 28
Birth Date
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Hometown Korcari Wilds, Ferelden
Residence None
Affiliation Ash Warrior
Occupation Ash Warrior
Class Warrior
Specialization Berserker
Gear Light cloth and leather clothing with Bronto bone armor. A custom-make longsword and hunting knife. Her Mabari, Galdren.
Behind the Mask
Player Matsu
Face Claim
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Camilla stands at height of 5'8". She has shaggy red hair that reaches to her shoulders and steel grey-blue eyes. She always applies a white kaddis over her eyes and a black kaddis over her stomach.

Her clothing is made of stitched together leather and cloth and has Bronto bone strapped to it at armor.


Camilla lacks the certain tact a civilized person would. She will always say what's on her mind and never apologizes for it. Camilla will always treat you with respect unless given a reason not to. Her kind has always been highly respectful of all dwarves, but despised all elves. Camilla is not this way. While she still has her dwarven respect, she doesn't see the reasoning behind hating elves.

One certain aspect to her is Galdren. If someone were to disrespect or harm him, Camilla will respond. Violently.


Camilla was born to the Ash Warriors of the Wilds. At age twelve, Camilla went through the Ash Warrior ritual of being imprinted by a mabari. A young pup had chosen her. The pup looked promising to many members of the tribe so Camilla received many congratulations as she came up with the pup's name – Galdren.

The two spent many years together, becoming one in a sense. One could always tell what the other meant and how they felt. At age 18, Camilla and several members of the tribe made a journey for the dwarven kingdom to beseech the dwarven warrior caste to train the younger warriors in the way of the berserker. Conveniently, a expedition to the Deep Roads was to happen the next day. The members of the tribe accompanied the dwarves. Whilst being trained in the Deep Roads, fighting darkspawn, some of the younger members of the tribe were separated from the expedition. They were attacked by a small pack of Bronto. It was an extremely difficult battle and a few of the tribe children had died, but the young Ash Warriors killed the creatures. Camilla knew of how strong the bones of a creature this size would be, so she took the bones from the Bronto and fashioned them into armor – which she still wears to this day.

Several years later, Camilla and her tribe were camping in a cave in the Wilds. Everything was normal until a slight rumbling came from the back of the cave. A few of the warriors went to examine the noise when the back of the cave suddenly collapsed. As the dust settled, darkspawn poured from the new opening. The warriors fought for their lives but were quickly overwhelmed by the massive numbers of darkspawn. With no choice left, Camilla and Galdren ran into the Wilds, traveling for weeks, trying to find a way past the darkspawn horde.



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